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How I Can Help You


"My aim is to get people fit, healthy and confident to enjoy life and gain the most from it."


What can I do for you?

Tailored workouts including: weight-loss programmes, disability exercising, training for a specific need, returning from injury.


Where can I do it?

At your home, your local park or at my great friendly gym, with friendly staff and atmosphere - ideal for me to work with you both one-to-one or in group sessions.


Regular consultations

Devising targets, health and nutrition advice, helping you towards a healthier, fitter you. I can meet you where and when it's convenient for you.


Reach your goals

No matter what the ability or disability, there is always some form of exercise which can benefit you!

Use it or lose it!

Muscles and joints need to kept moving and mobile.

About Me


As a teenager I was diagnosed with cancer and I had a series of brain tumour operations, chemo and radiotherapy. Fifteen years later out of the blue the brain tumour popped up again. I then started thinking about personal fitness training as I wanted to help people in a similar situation as me. I also wanted to learn more about my own body and how it should work!
I've always been fit and I truly believe it was this that helped so much with my recovery.

No holding back

With a slight weakness on my right side I have not let that hold me back.
I want to share my experiences and help and motivate people in a similar situation.

Fitness for ALL

I offer fun, flexible, fitness for all ages and abilities, PLUS I help with physiotherapy exercises. Remember you're not alone!

So why not drop me a line on 07760 175 132 or email me:

Fun sessions!

I make sessions fun and dynamic, making you want to come back for more!

Exercise & Disability


"I have had to overcome physical limitations myself in the past and through reflecting on these experiences and knowledge I can help you."
'Accept, Adapt, Achieve'

Lifelong results

Everybody's different. A diet or fitness plan that works for me, may not work for you, and vice versa. Personalised plans are based on your life, likes and dislikes and confidence and ability level. It may take a little longer than you like to see results, but they are lifelong.

Positive attitude

I believe I have a positive outlook on life and this is reflected in my training of clients. I use this positive attitude to combine knowledge of fitness, with the specific disability and any exercise likes or dislikes you may have to provide an exercise routine that will suit you, whatever your needs and goals.

I know having a disability is hard, but getting out there, getting fit or just maintaining your fitness level and enjoying life - forgetting these hardships - is what I believe that helps.



"My aim is to get you outside, to be fit, healthy and confident to enjoy life and gain the most from it."

"Daniel has encouraged me back to regular exercise with a special blend of good humour and challenge."
Bob, Cheltenham
"I've been complaining I have no upper body strength for years. Dan targeted my arms, along with general CV work, pushing me out of my usual comfort zone with his positivity and enthusiasm and made me feel great about myself with the visible improvements. Dan was great at motivating and making me realise that I could do more."
Kelso, Cheltenham
"A charming and motivating young man! Exercise has vastly improved my back mobility."
Val, Cheltenham
"I took up Dan's services to increase my strength and durability. Being a professional sports coach myself I had high expectations and Dan exceeded these with both his knowledge and enthusiasm. I would thoroughly recommend him."
Stuart, Cheltenham
"I have found Dan to be understanding of my disability and he put together a program suited to obtain my goals. Always fun working out with Dan. Such a nice guy. As a disabled person I feel totally safe working with Dan and I trust him 100%. Give it a go. I did and have achieved far more than I imagined..."
Mark, Cheltenham
"I've been training with Dan for a while now. He’s helped me gain a level of fitness I haven’t had for a very long time. Up to now I resisted a personal trainer, but I have to admit, Dan has a made a real impact. I recommend him without reservation to anyone."
Pete, Cheltenham
"I’ve found Dan to be incredibly motivational and knowledgeable. He really listens to your aims and goals and also your exercise likes and dislikes. In the past, I always avoided working my core or upper body because I found it difficult and boring, but by using different techniques and activities he has helped me overcome that and has actually made exercising those parts fun! Dan really helps you get the most out of yourself and I would highly recommend him."
Ali, Cheltenham
"Dan is an experienced and well-trained personal trainer who listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve. He is continually developing a program that suits my needs and I feel fortunate that he makes my training sessions enjoyable rather than an endurance test. He is sensitive to my abilities and although he challenges me it is never beyond that which I can manage. With each session there is success."
Anne, Cheltenham
"Dan is an enthusiastic and committed personal trainer. I have been looking to develop a little more upper body strength however was wary of 'gym culture'. What Dan does best is to put you at ease and challenge you to push your limits without applying undue pressure. He makes you want to work rather than work for workings sake! I would recommend him to anybody, particularly those looking to begin personal training in a nice, friendly environment."
Tony, Cheltenham

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